Special Announcement

Platform University Has Joined the Advance Your Reach Family

Michael Hyatt & Company has sold Platform University to Advance Your Reach, with Pete Vargas at the helm. Watch the full announcement below:

Questions You May be Wondering:

  • Why did Michael Hyatt & Company sell Platform University? As Michael Hyatt & Company evolved, their focus shifted from coaching platform builders to coaching business owners, executives, leaders, and their teams. As part of this shift, they’ve spent the last year vetting candidates to become the new owners of the Platform University brand long-term.
  • Why sell to Advance Your Reach? Due to the relentless commitment that Pete Vargas and the entire Advance Your Reach team brings to spreading powerful messages across stages, Michael Hyatt & Company found their strategic partner to take Platform University to the next level.
  • Who is Advance Your Reach? Advance Your Reach has gained prominent success in the influence industry by leveraging the power of stages to spread their message. As a successful Inc. 5000 company, they are on a mission to impact one billion people through helping business owners, platform-builders, coaches, and more book one million stages by 2027.

There are two reasons we’re excited about Platform University. One, there’s never been a better time to build an online platform. And two, there are more problems than ever in today’s world. Platform builders are uniquely positioned to solve those problems. We want to help them bring their message to a hurting world.”

Pete Vargas, CEO of Advance Your Reach
  • What happens to my membership? If you are a current Platform University member, your membership experience will continue at the same rate you are currently paying, but with new additional material from Advance Your Reach to enhance your experience!
  • What do I need to do to keep my membership? Nothing at all, the entire transition has already been under way behind the scenes so you shouldn’t have to do anything extra to maintain your current membership, although you may notice the name on your receipts change to “Advance Your Reach” in the near future.
  • Can I still join Platform University? Yes, as a matter of fact if you join Platform University now you will unlock all of the new bonus material that Advance Your Reach is adding, along with the core material.
  • What about the current Platform University team? John Meese and Annette Chesney have joined the Advance Your Reach team to make this transition as smooth as possible for Platform University students.