What if You Could Finally Become a Published Author?

There’s already a book inside of you

It’s the culmination of your most important life experiences, your hard-earned wisdom, and what you have to teach as a result.

The world needs to hear what you have to say, your unique message that only you can share.

Plus, nothing cements your niche authority better than a published book.

Having a published book opens the door to speaking engagements, interview opportunities, and international audiences that are otherwise beyond your reach.

But the path to publishing a book can be overwhelming and full of rejection

The majority of first-time authors are immediately rejected after submitting a book to an agent or publisher, and those who survive the cut typically sell fewer than 3,000 copies.

Authors who choose to self-publish have it worse, hitting publish on incomplete concepts to an audience of crickets, or throwing in the towel before their book is complete.

If you’re not careful, you’ll end up as another failed publishing statistic. It’s easy to see why most people give up, or never even try to publish a book.

The Myths of Getting Published

❌ Myth #1: Get Published = Sell Books

If you think sales will roll in once you publish your book, think again. In today’s market, publishing companies don’t sell your book for you, they expect you to get the ball rolling first. That means you need a thriving and engaged audience if you want your book to sell.

❌ Myth #2: Good Content = Get Published

Unfortunately, having a great concept for a world-changing book is not enough to get published. Even being a phenomenal writer isn’t enough to get picked by a publisher. Most publishing companies won’t look at your writing until they see audience engagement.

???? The Publishing Paradox

You need an engaged online audience to get published… but publishing a bestselling book would get you an audience fast. Which one do you need first? The two feed into each other, and are inextricably intertwined. You're not crazy, if you think this is a challenging paradox!

But What If You Had An Experienced Guide?

You don’t need to become an expert digital marketer to publish a bestselling book, or collect tens of thousands of followers before getting published—instead, you need a proven plan from an industry expert.

Meet Michael Hyatt. He’s the former Chairman & CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, one of the largest publishing companies in the world. In his 30-year publishing career, he has seen every aspect of the publishing world. First as an agent and publishing executive, but then as a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author.

Now, he’s poured all of his publishing insights into Get Published, a training course to help you write, publish, and launch your bestselling book. This course perfectly complements the audience growth strategies inside Platform University —so we’ve decided to give this course away for free.

Now Enrolling—Author Edition

You read that right, Get Published is now INCLUDED in Platform University Enrollment as part of our NEW Platform University: Author Edition.

Enroll in Platform University: Author Edition

In the past, we’ve sold Get Published as a standalone training course, typically charging $300+ just for that product alone and sold thousands of copies to successful students.

Now you can unlock the full experience of building a thriving online audience around a professional platform and publish a bestselling book with just one educational resource.

What Students Are Saying:

“This is the most comprehensive guide to publishing and launching a book I’ve ever seen. The quality is beyond that of anything else out there. Even as a published author, I’m taking notes and finding LOTS of nuggets to apply to my own platform and writing career. I’ll be referencing it for years to come!” — Jeff Goins, Bestelling Author of six books, including The Art of Work and Real Artists Don't Starve
"As a new author, it was one ‘ah ha’ moment after another. It was so helpful learning from someone who is inside the industry who could explain the whys behind the whats. Get Published answered all my questions and many that I didn’t even know to ask.” — S. Courtney Lawson
“You need a plan. You need a coach. You need encouragement. You need to take action. You won’t find a better training program to educate and motivate you than this one. Whether you want to self-publish or contract with a major publisher, Michael can be an angel on your shoulder.” — Lee Smith, N.D.
“I’ve wanted to write a book for a while but was stopped in my tracks by all the specifics. Research helped, but showed me there was so much more to it—and it was intimidating. Michael Hyatt’s course changed that. Yes, I have lots to learn, but he lays out the details in a step-by-step approach that I can embrace. It’s a huge relief to know I have resources I can go to anytime.” — Phyllis Stubblefield Nichols
“Get Published is more than a resource. It is like having a personal coach walk beside you through the entire process. Michael has lived and worked in every aspect of the publishing arena and generously shares his knowledge in practical, effective, bite-sized pieces. Simply put: I only wish I would have had Michael’s coaching before I wrote my first two books. I will definitely be putting it into practice for my third!” — Keith Ferrin

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Read this before you go...

Just in case you’re still on the fence about joining Platform University, let me give you a little backstory of how this unique program was created.

Years ago, Platform University Founder Michael Hyatt was leading a BUSY life. He was the CEO of a major publishing company, a husband, and a dad to five daughters. He loved his work but felt that he had more to contribute.

So he started blogging. Daily. For years. He got consistent, and he got persistent, and he built a massive following. Eventually, he began to monetize that following.

It was tricky at first. Some people were mad that he sold things instead of giving everything away for free, but he knew that he had so much value to give.

Michael cracked the code on building an engaged audience that would become a consistent customer base, and he did it by serving first. His book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World became a New York Times Bestseller, and his blog now reaches more than one million people each month.

His blogging empire now generates more than $15 million in revenue each year, and has been listed in the INC 5000 list twice, as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in the United States.

Michael didn’t want to keep his success to himself, though. Instead of hoarding his knowledge and expertise, he founded Platform University, and is now responsible for helping tens of thousands of students reach more people online and attain success with their platforms.

Michael has now passed the reins of Platform University to me and the rest of the Platform team, but the mission and spirit of the program remain the same: to equip you in growing an online presence that will impact the world for good while providing you with the income you need to live the lifestyle you desire.

It may sound “pie in the sky” at first, but I assure you that the information inside this program can transform your life. I’m proof! And because of our No-Brainer 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, there is zero risk for you to join.

I hope you’ll seize this opportunity and enroll in Platform University! We’re waiting to welcome you into the community, and the world is waiting for you to share the message that only you can share!

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