Behind the Scenes of a Blogging Empire

Learn How Michael Hyatt Built an 8-Figure Inc 5000 Company From His Personal Blog

Behind the Scenes of a Blogging Empire eBook
The year is 2004.

Mark Zuckerberg is about to publish a hobby website called “TheFacebook,” Donald Trump just said “You’re fired!” on TV for the first time, and Napoleon Dynamite is primed to become a blockbuster success.

In the midst of that, the CEO of the 7th largest publishing company in the United States trips, drops his coffee, and falls down a flight of stairs―shattering his leg.

Forced into an unplanned staycation, he decides to start a new blog... which becomes a multi-million dollar blogging empire. This is the story of how that happened.

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Over the last decade and a half, Michael Hyatt has built a massive engaged online audience, that has fueled his business to allow it to surpass $10 million per year in revenue.

We are pulling back the curtain to reveal the full story of how Michael Hyatt went from being the CEO of a publishing company to having one of the most successful personal blogs on the internet.

We'll even go a step further and outline the five essential elements of a personal platform, along with how Michael leveraged those to grow his platform into a business, over time.

With these behind-the-scenes details about Michael Hyatt's blog growth, you can apply these same insights to your own journey, to build an engaged online audience (even if you're starting from scratch):

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