Coaching Program

Transformational, Small-Group Coaching with John Meese & The Platform University Team

Build an Online Business from Scratch

If you are dead serious about building a platform, but frustrated with your journey so far, then pay close attention.

With our NEW group coaching program for Platform University, you can get the hands-on, personalized guidance you need to finally unlock radical audience growth over the next year, building an influential personality-based business (even if you’re starting from scratch).

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What People Are Saying

We’ve already had tens of thousands of Platform University students benefit from the coaching, curriculum, and community inside our self-guided Core Membership Program, and the phenomenal feedback continues to pour in:

Despite these success stories, we also heard from many Platform University students who had been paying members for months (or years) without making substantial progress.

So we Platform University Platinum, a more hands-on experience that involves coaching and accountability, along with personalized feedback.

Our initial early adopter pilot is going phenomenally well, so we have decided to open up a second coaching cohort (limited to 25 members).

Testimonial from Current Member

"My favorite part of the Platinum experience is the ability to get real-time answers to questions I have about creating my platform.

If I ask a question during a monthly call, I get an answer on the spot. If I ask a question on Slack, I get an answer either the same day or the next day.

This is very helpful for moving forward because I don’t get stuck on a problem."

— Valerie Hayes

Imagine standing at the finish line, 1 year from now, looking back at everything you’ve accomplished since you made the decision to commit to success, and invest in yourself.

You'll be able to work:

  • where you want,
  • when you want, and on
  • what you want.

You'll have an eager, engaged audience helping you share your message with the world.

You'll have a suite of premium products that support your lifestyle AND make the world a better place.

Whatever your goals for your platform, you can achieve them with a clear plan and the right guide.

You don't have to do this alone.

What’s Included When You Join?

2 In-Person Workshops in Franklin, TN

$5,000+ Value

12 Monthly Group Coaching Video Calls

$2,500+ Value

1 Lifetime Membership to Core Curriculum

$2500+ Value


Private Online Slack Community

$1,000+ Value

Exclusive Platform University Swag

$500+ Value

Early Adopter Benefits to Shape Your Experience



This program is value-packed with transformational experiences,
but the actual program cost is less than half what you would expect to pay!

Meet Your Guide, John Meese

John was one of the first Platform University students back in 2013, and quickly established himself as an up-and-coming platform-builder before he became the full-time Dean of Platform University.

Using everything he learned inside Platform University as a student, John launched his own blog and podcast, built a dedicated following, and leveraged his relationship with his audience to sell online courses, coaching services, and software products—quitting his “day job” in less than a year.

Now he’s committed to helping other Platform University students achieve the same level of success—by directing the focus of membership content and through group coaching with our Platinum Coaching Program.

“I may have written the book on building a platform, but John Meese is THE teacher you need to listen to if you want to build an online audience in today’s digital landscape.

John has a knack for breaking complicated subjects down into simple, easy-to-implement advice, combined with a passion for helping students succeed. You couldn’t ask for a better teacher, or coach.”

— Michael Hyatt, Founder of Platform University®

Program Calendar for Early Adopters (2018 - 2019)

  • Module One: Clarify Your Brand Identity

    Set your platform vision, target audience, future tagline, and promised transformation for your followers.

    ???? Group Coaching Call via Video (Zoom)

  • Module Two: Establish Your Home Base

    Create your self-hosted WordPress website from scratch, and polish off your brand-related design.

    ???? Group Coaching Call via Video (Zoom)

  • Module Three: Create Compelling Content

    Nail down your content strategy and learn how to write engaging blog posts that draw your audience into your content.

    ???? Group Coaching Call via Video (Zoom)

  • Module Four: Establish Your Email List

    Set up the foundation of your email list, and create compelling optin opportunities to start growing your online audience.

    ???? Group Coaching Call via Video (Zoom)

  • Module Five: Grow Your Email Audience

    Focus on growing your email list to 100, 500, and then 1,000 email subscribers (with a clear growth path beyond that).

    ???? Group Coaching Call via Video (Zoom)

  • Module Six: Establish Social Media Embassies

    Set up your social media strategy and learn how to leverage each platform to support your home base and grow your email list.

    ???? Group Coaching Call via Video (Zoom)

  • Module Seven: Conduct Audience Research

    Discover important details about your most engaged audience and use that information to create better content and prepare for new products.

    ???? Group Coaching Call via Video (Zoom)

    ???? 3/1/19: In-person Group Coaching Workshop (outside of Nashville, TN)

    Dive deep on key concepts with bonus training material from John Meese, share your website and audience growth strategy with coaches and peers, and walk away with a clear plan to grow your online audience further, faster.

  • Module Eight: Introduce Your Initial Product

    Create and market your first online course, based on a simple model to maximize your audience’s transformation and generate your first revenue.

    ???? Group Coaching Call via Video (Zoom)

  • Module Nine: Write Words That Sell

    Master copywriting techniques you can leverage to get in the mind of your audience, and get them to take decisive action or purchase your product.

    ???? Group Coaching Call via Video (Zoom)

  • Module Ten: Study Analytics & Optimization

    Simplify the lens you use to understand website data, learning what to focus on and what’s worth doing to increase traffic or double conversions.

    ???? Group Coaching Call via Video (Zoom)

  • Module Eleven: Leverage Affiliate Marketing

    Tap into high-leverage affiliate opportunities to serve your target audience well, while generating revenue from products you likely already use.

    ???? Group Coaching Call via Video (Zoom)

  • Module Twelve: Launch Your Flagship Product

    Package everything you’ve built up until now into a single, premium product and map out a sure-fire strategy to pull off a six figure launch.

    ???? Group Coaching Call via Video (Zoom)

  • Module Thirteen: Hone Your Platform Strategy

    Review lessons learned from a full-focused year, and chart the future of your platform journey by drafting your Platform Strategy Document.

    ???? 9/6/19: In-person Group Coaching Workshop (outside of Nashville, TN)

    Revisit key concepts with bonus training material from John Meese, share your initial Platform Strategy Document with coaches & peers, and walk away with a comprehensive plan for the next phase of your platform journey.

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We know not everyone learns best in an independent-study, online environment.

Over the past 5 years, our self-guided membership program has helped thousands of our members launch successful platforms with thriving, engaged online audiences—but we've also heard from many members that they need a hands-on coaching experience.

Whether you find yourself overwhelmed by technology, short on time, confused about where to start, or find it difficult to make progress without accountability, group coaching will create the ideal conditions for your transformation.

If you haven’t made the progress you were hoping for yet, it’s not your fault—it's just that you need the accountability, camaraderie, and transformation that only a group coaching experience can provide.

Why Coaching Works (According to Science)

If you’ve never invested in yourself like this before, it may sound daunting. But, here’s what the research says:

According to a study commissioned by the International Coaching Federation on the benefits reported by ongoing coaching clients:

  • 47% achieve sustained health transformation
  • 60% become more effective leaders
  • 70% experience better work performance

As it turns out, coaching can produce a return of up to 7 times the original investment. Self-development is just like financial investing. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Ongoing, in-person coaching is the gold-standard of personal and professional development. Nothing helps you go further, faster. What’s your success worth to you?

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Backed By Our “No-Brainer” Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

After you join, you have a full 30 days to experience this immersive, group coaching program as an early adopter, before you decide whether or not to commit for the complete program.

In that time, if you are not 150% satisfied with your experience, please email and we will immediately issue a complete refund of every penny you spent.

In other words, you have nothing to lose. This coaching program is truly a “no-brainer” opportunity.


Still have questions? We'd love to answer them! Just click here to email us at; our member experience team is standing by.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're always happy to answer your questions via email, and you're also welcome to click the questions below to expand the answer to common questions we've already received.

  • Q: When and where will the 2 In-Person Group Coaching Workshops take place?
  • A: These 1-day coaching workshops with John Meese and the Platform University team will be held in Franklin, Tennessee. The first event is scheduled for November 16, 2018, and the second event is scheduled for June 2018 (date to be announced). Full details, including the event venue, hotel recommendations, meal accommodations and more, will be shared in the weeks leading up to each in-person workshop.
  • Q: How can I participate in the 12 Monthly Group Coaching Video Calls?
  • These video calls will occur, and be recorded, through Zoom. The dates will be scheduled based on best group availability as soon as registration closes, and if for whatever reason you have to miss a call you’ll have full access to the video session and that month’s curriculum coaching.
  • Q: Is this program for intermediate platform-builders, or just beginners?
  • Both! While we will be going through our core curriculum together, starting with fundamentals, the hands-on coaching and small-group nature of the program will allow beginners to grow faster than they would on their own, and intermediate students to unlock new levels of growth. If you are not satisfied with the results of your audience and platform so far, then this coaching program can help.
  • Q: Do you have a return or refund policy?
  • We sure do! Our “No-Brainer” Guarantee ensures that after you join, you have a full 30 days to experience this immersive, group coaching program as an early adopter, before you decide whether or not to commit for the complete program. In that time, if you are not 150% satisfied with your experience, please email and we will immediately issue a complete refund of every penny you spent.
  • Q: I’m already a current Platform University member, how is this program different?
  • The greatest difference between our Platinum Coaching Program and core self-guided membership are the in-person workshops and monthly face-to-face coaching calls. We rely on the same core curriculum content, with in-depth bonus training only available in the coaching program. Ongoing, in-person coaching is the gold-standard of personal and professional development. It’s the closest thing to a “success guarantee” you can get.
  • Q: I’m an author who’s aspiring to get published, how does this Platinum Coaching Program benefit me?
  • Without an audience, you most likely won't accomplish your publishing dreams. Audience-building might seem like a slow and daunting chore that could delay you for years, but inside Platform University (our all-in-one membership program for audience building), we’ve perfected the process of building engaged online followings. With this coaching program, we want to take that to a new level of transformation.
  • Q: What’s the benefit of access to the private Slack community?
  • Slack is a digital messaging and team collaboration tool, which members of our Platinum Coaching Program will use to get direct access to John Meese, Platform University coaches, and peers within the group. This private channel will be a vehicle for fostered growth and application of this program’s exclusive coaching.
  • Q: What does Early Adopter Benefits to Shape Your Experience include?
  • Being an Early Adopter of Platinum University's Platinum Coaching Program will yield incredible benefits, because our inaugural group of members will have a unique opportunity to provide ongoing feedback on this guided coaching experience and shape the experience itself.