3 Secrets to Exponential Audience Growth

Build an engaged online following (even if you can only spare 30 minutes each day)

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you ready to share your message with the world?

Whatever you're creating online, you're going to need to attract an engaged online audience to get traction. Specially, you'll need three groups of people:

  1. Readers who will consume the content you publish on a regular basis, and share it with their friends;
  2. Followers who are eager to hear your opinions, learn from your knowledge, and get your perspective—week in and week out; and
  3. Customers who'll be excited to buy your services, programs, and courses when you package up your expertise and offer it for sale online.

We've put together a complimentary webinar training that walks you through exactly how to build an engaged audience in less than 30 minutes a day—so what are you waiting for?

In this training, we'll be sharing 3 secrets that our Platform University students have used to build massively successful online platforms—and you'll be relieved to know that they don't involve spending hours on social media or burning the candle at both ends.

Meet Your Host, John Meese

John was one of the first Platform University students back in 2013, and quickly established himself as an up-and-coming platform-builder before he became the full-time Dean of Platform University.

Using everything he learned inside Platform University as a student, John launched his own blog and podcast, built a dedicated following, and leveraged his relationship with his audience to sell online courses, coaching services, and software products—quitting his “day job” in less than a year.

Now he’s committed to helping other Platform University students achieve the same level of success—by creating training material like this workshop.

Learn the Secrets to Growing an Engaged Online Audience