whether you're new to platform building or a veteran in need of sharpening your message...

...this Workshop can revitalize your message positioning and give as much clarity to YOU as it will to your audience.

Once you get clear on this, it's easy to create the can't-get-enough-of-it content, products, and courses, your audience is looking for.

This live Workshop is another value added benefit of your continued Platform University membership.

exclusively for platform university members

Need Clarity?

A well-defined, well-written UVP statement provides a cohesive foundation for your platform branding, message, content, and products, and will be irresistible to your Ideal Audience.

This 2 hour interactive Workshop will help you clearly define your...

1. Ideal Target Audience
2. The Burning Issue most important to them
3. The Specific Solution or Outcome you provide

You'll come away from this Workshop with the ability to encapsulate and articulate all 3 points in a single crystal clear statement that will immediately grab the attention of your Ideal Target Audience.

WHEN: Weds, Dec 1, 2pm ET
WHERE: Live on Zoom

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