There’s More Than One Way to Get Noticed!

Most likely you reached this page because you are looking for Michael Hyatt’s “Get Noticed! Theme”.

Up until February 2018, we did offer a premium WordPress Theme called “The Get Noticed!™ Theme” but we have stopped selling that theme, and discontinued any on-going development of it.

The Get Noticed!™ Theme was originally conceived as a way for our founder, Michael Hyatt, to leverage the theme he had developed for his personal blog for the benefit of his tribe.

In the last couple of years as Michael’s blog has grown into an online magazine and a family of large brands, that theme has become too complex and customized to be relevant for the majority of individual users building personal brands, and too labor-intensive for us to continue to develop.

With that in mind, we made the decision to exit the WordPress theme market and focus on the areas of our business where we can offer the most value to our customers (most notably for those wanting to build a personal brand, Platform University, along with our leadership, goal-setting, and productivity content at

Are you a current The Get Noticed!™ Theme user?

We are proud of the many customers we served with The Get Noticed!™ Theme over the years, and are grateful to have been a part of helping you share your message with the world.

As a user of this theme, you still have full access to the version that you purchased and can continue to use that on your WordPress website for as long as you like—we simply will no longer be offering updates, and will begin phasing out technical support.

That’s one of the key benefits of using a self-hosted WordPress website. You’re never reliant on any single provider to run your website—including us.

Looking for a new WordPress Theme built for Creators?

The Get Noticed! Theme powered a movement of platform-builders that became today’s content creators, and NotablePress is our preferred and recommended WordPress theme for bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and other content creators today. The company behind it, Notable, was co-founded by two Platform University students, John Meese and Thomas McGee!