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Launch your platform fast without the overwhelm

There's never been a better time to make your platform a reality.

Platform Jumpstart's 4 PHASE PROCESS reduces overwhelm, builds your confidence, keeps you supported, focused, and on track each week, so you see tangible results.

Phase 1:
Establish your platform vision, voice, branding, and message

Phase 2:
Establish your basic web presence, Idea Bucket, content creation strategy, and content calendar

Phase 3:
Create and publish your first 3 pieces of content, create an optin offer magnetic to your target audience, establish your subscriber management strategy

Phase 4:
Create your first product, set up a sales page ready to produce revenue, and gather your first 100 eager subscribers

We're dedicated to your success, so Platform Jumpstart is included as part of your Platform University membership.

*Each Phase is designed to build upon the previous Phase.

If you're willing to step up and commit 6 - 10 focused hours each week, as part of a like-minded group, we'll be with you every step of the way to JUMPSTART your platform.

Participate in PHASE 2

This is your moment to make things happen.

If you're ready to work, we're ready to roll up our sleeves and help.

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    Over the next 3 weeks
    of PHASE 2 you will...

    Establish your basic web presence
    with your own website

    Determine your content creation strategy
    so you know exactly what, where,
    and when you'll publish content

    Fill your "Idea Bucket" with topics
    and key points so you always have
    content starter ideas at your fingertips.

    Learn a 3 bucket writing strategy to systemetize your content creation process.

    Set up your content calendar
    with topics to eliminate the guesswork
    as you move forward.