What Could You Learn At Teachable LIVE This Year?

October 10, 2018  •  Product Development

Do you remember those classic Choose Your Own Adventure books that were popular in the `80s and `90s?

I think I read a dozen books in the series growing up, totally sucked in by the experience. Every so often in the story, you’d run into a new challenge and face a decision that changed the rest of the story. Decisions like this one:

You start up the stone steps of the old haunted house. You open the door and step inside and suddenly a sharp arrow streaks across in front of you! But it misses you.

Choice: Do you go up the staircase? (turn to page 4)

Or: Do you go through the swinging doors? (go to page 5)

(Spoiler alert: if you go up the staircase the railing breaks and you die ????)

Businessman in front of a choice
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Building an online platform is a whole lot like the Choose Your Own Adventure experience. Every path leads to a decision, only instead of two options… you’re faced with at least two dozen!

If you make a wrong choice, you’re not likely to die—but it’s true that your platform just might…

That’s why I get so excited when I come across resources like Teachable LIVE ????

It’s rare to find a single resource that walks you through all the core strategies necessary to create, market, and scale an online course―but even rarer is finding a program that’s 100% FREE.

I highly recommend you click here to claim your all-access pass to Teachable LIVE.

The online summit is FREE to attend (so the price is just right)—but beyond that, there are three key reasons you should make this event a priority to the :

Reason #1: The Tantalizing Topics

Would you like to learn how to launch create a profitable course in 30 days? Sounds good to me!

How about learning how to host high converting webinars that sell out your online courses like hotcakes? Yes please!

Teachable LIVE includes training on those topics and quite a few more, all taught via live video over three days (October 23 – 25).

If you make the choice to focus on this training and combine that with what you’ve learned inside Platform University, you’ll have all the training you need to succeed.

Register Now (FREE)

Reason #2: The Talented Teachers

Anyone could claim to offer a single event teaching everything you need to know about creating and launching online courses, but Teachable has made no attempt to teach everything alone.

Instead, they’ve invited some of the most successful platform-builders in the industry to each share their unique expertise when it comes to online courses.

That means you have dozens of speaker-specialists, including Brennan Dunn from RightMessage breaking down how to optimize your funnels to keep sales flowing in every month.

Better yet, Teachable is doing something new this year―sending you a customized schedule based on exactly which live workshops are best suited for your stage (if you’re a beginner, you don’t need to go to Brennan’s workshop because it’s more advanced).

You could spend months trying to absorb everything each of these teachers offers on their own platforms OR you could get a snapshot of the best content from each all in a single 3-day event.

From goat farming to financial management and everything in between, Teachable LIVE will show you there’s a market for courses in every industry… including yours ????

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Reason #3: The Tactical Takeaways

We’ve come full circle, back to the question at hand—what could you learn from Teachable LIVE this year?

The answer, in the end, is somewhat up to you.

It’s true that Teachable’s team has pulled out all the stops, and dialed in this year’s content to make sure that it’s focused on action and each interview leaves you with a clear map for how to apply what you’ve learned (and the same goes for the summit overall).

But it’s also true that a new round of interviews & training videos are live each day throughout the event—and they’re only available for free while the event is going on.

The takeaways are ready & waiting, but they require action from you. What choice will you make?

  1. You choose to give your time and attention to creating and launching a profitable online course attached to your platform. Click here to move forward and succeed!
  2. You choose to ignore this free resource and continue figuring things out on your own. There’s nothing to click on (except maybe Facebook if you want to waste time).

Here, you’ve got an unfair advantage. I’ve already told you which decision is the right one for your online platform, you don’t have to take a guess or turn the pages to peek ahead ????

What are you waiting for? The choice is now yours!

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